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HI, this is one of the  famous place “Vedetar”located in south east  of  dhankuta.It has touched with border of Sunsari Dharan one of the big city  in Nepal (17 kilometers from Dharan).In history according to the elders,the name Vedetar is  given by the  people who always walks   from this place to go Dharan and Tarai region from hill side before the Koshi highway was build in this part. it was big plain ground (tar)and grazing  Sheeps (veda) made it name  Vedetar(means Veda ko tar).Now the name  Vedetar is  recognized as  tourism place in this area. Hotels and lodges are sufficient  for the traveller who like to stay here and  Tower ,picnic spot and beautiful landscape makes it attractive for the  couple and  families, who  wants to walk for time pass and enjoy  in holiday and other days  .

Vedetar Dhankuta

Landscaping Vedetar Dhankuta

Buses and taxis with passangers.

Koshi highway from Dharan...

Beautiful scene and landscaping.

People at saturday .

Photos taken from tower.

Charls point and Tower.


The Vedetar also name of Village Development  Commite  ,according to  2008 projection  total population was 3011, 539 houses and literacy was 56.3 % .it  has always cool  temperature and  famous for changing climate and also famous  for  picnic.So many people comes here to  view  Tarai region and Sapta Koshi(big river) from Chrls tower ,the tower  is build  in  Charls  point, it is  also called  by Sailung Dada in Nepali.  Vedetar is also famous for pilgrim ,there is Pathivara temple  few far from Vebdetar  so many people walks  to  pray  there.When the Koshi highway was built   for the Dhankuta  and other hilly districts ,it was started as  small  bus stop  for the  breakfast and lunch for the  passengers ,after it was grow as small town  and   another road was also built for Rajarani (another part of Dhankuta). from that time  to now   the Vedetar  is  became  a  famous  for the  local tourist  as well as foreigner tourists.

Mr. Suren subba

Artical by

Mr. Surendra  limbu

Dhankuta.Dharan.(some photos from dhankuta facebook)


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  1. hi namaste,it is found that there are many spelling mistake in the description of vedetar,would u mind correcting that since we view ur site if it is obviously wrong,what knowledge do we get?????????for ex.,i dont know the distance between vedetar n drn u wrote there saying may be.what may be sir be confirmed follow the data n publish it,
    anyway dont mind this is neither command nor order,its just a request being frens.

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